"Wissenschaftsblog: Ideen und Wissen" comes up with a new service for its worldwide audience. For all those, who are not able to follow me in German, I will produce short science podcasts to stay informed. You want to know about a special topic? Why don't you contact me via freelancer[at]gmx-topmail.de and explain your wish to me? I will be happy to serve you with a podcast on demand. It's all free!

This service will be available very shortly. So, please come back and stay linked to "Wissenschaftsblog: Ideen und Wissen".

Podcasts currently available for download or online streaming

First Podcast: January - March 2013; Link: https://soundcloud.com/ideen-wissen/podcast-1-2013-280513

letzte Änderung am 28.08.2013; 11:30 Uhr durch Dr. Marcus Mau


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